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SAP for retail

Trusted Advisor to Transition to the Digital Retail Age 

Leading SAP Retail Partner


Enterprise Wide is the leading SAP Retail partner in the Australia/New Zealand region having implemented the largest number of SAP Retail projects.  From Small to Large organisations, Enterprise Wide has successfully delivered SAP Retail solutions to enable the right business outcomes for our customers.

Tried and Tested Approach


Enterprise Wide’s implementation methodology is founded on an approach which identifies and reuses best practices derived from hundreds of previous implementations.  Our customers obtain a significant acceleration in all phases of the project (blueprint, realisation and testing) which reflects a reduction in both in time and cost.

Experienced Retail Team

Enterprise Wide have experienced consultants that have a deep knowledge of industry best practices within retail organisations. Our collective experience and track record of providing clients with solutions to support current and future business vision is a key reason why Retail organisations choose Enterprise Wide.


SAP Retail provides a platform to support all retail processes

SAP Retail forms the digital core for your entire retail business, harmonising the complete retail value chain into a coherent, in-memory, real-time platform. With our accelerated approach and deep industry expertise, retail companies can seamlessly transition to SAP Retail and embark on their digital transformation journey.


S/4HANA for Retail

SAP S/4HANA for Retail forms the digital core for your entire retail business, harmonising retail processes into a coherent, in-memory, real-time platform.


Customer Activity Repository

SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) is designed to address this by consolidating customer, sales and inventory data in real-time for comprehensive and more accurate analysis.


E-Commerce Solution

SAP Commerce suite is designed to help retail companies deliver consistent, relevant and exceptional shopping experiences across every channel with minimised risk, faster-time to market and better ROI.


Promotional Management for Retail

With SAP Promotion Management for Retail (PMR) retailers can control all offers and promotions centrally in one application – from strategic planning of key financial figures to sales. 


Forecast and Replenishment

SAP Forecasting & Replenishment (SAP F&R) is a solution that was developed specially for retailers. It provides sustained improvement and automates the forecast and replenishment planning.


SAP Retail enables retailers to deliver best in class solutions across the end-to end value chain 

          Omni Channel Inventory

Immediate inventory visibility across all channels including retail stores, wholesale and e-commerce for unprecedented insight into merchandise locations, at any given time.


         Inventory Planning

Sophisticated planning capabilities and a holistic view of common inventory provides optimal allocation methods to meet demand changes and accurately plan for inventory levels across all channels of a retailers business.

Inventory Planning.png

          Single Product Master 

Provide one source of product master data across all parts of your enterprise with the ability to manage and analyse the product lifecycle, across all channels, seasons, promotions throughout the entire value chain.


         Increased Promotion Effectiveness

The SAP solution provides visibility into the projected financial performance of promotional events before they are launched. Through high-levels of automation and accuracy retailers create relevant, timely, and targeted promotions by product, category, and region.

Promotion Effectiveness.png

          Fully Integrated Solution

SAP provides a fully integrated solution across the complete value chain giving retailers full visibility across the organisation, of sales, stock and operational data in order help facilitate timely decisions.


        Real Time Analytics

Runs on SAP HANA technology with in-memory processing capabilities, which allows applications to run analytics directly on transactional data to respond in real time.



How Enterprise Wide can help with your Retail Journey

           Enterprise Architecture and Roadmap


As the retail strategic partner, we leverage our product expertise to retailers develop the best possible strategy to minimise risks, align with your long term goals and make the implementation project predictable for a successful outcome. This starts with getting the foundation right in order to deliver successful outcomes.

        Rapid Deployment


Through delivering many SAP Retail implementations across many segments we have developed accelerators to help you understand the potential benefits of the solution, specific to your growing business requirements and reduce the time and risk when implementing an SAP Retail solution.

Rapid Deployment.png



We can help your business leverage the SAP Retail and Merchandising solutions across your business with end-to-end implementation services, designed to help you from project preparation to go-live and support and within time and budget across geographies.



Augment your SAP Retail environment with our post-deployment services that covers everything from day-to-day operations to more advanced applications management services to efficiently and cost-effectively support your retail solution.

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