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SAP for retail


Stay at the forefront of the omni-channel landscape and leverage the latest technologies to drive improved customer engagement and give your business a single view of customers, products and orders; and your customers a single view of your business. 

Enterprise Wide provides the world’s leading commerce, marketing, and customer engagement solutions, powered by SAP.

Our SAP Commerce and Marketing services are designed to help retail and wholesale companies deliver consistent, relevant and exceptional shopping and purchasing experiences across every channel with minimised risk, faster-time to market and better ROI.

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We leverage the world’s leading solutions, to provide proven results that deliver rapid time to value.

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We strive to work smarter, faster, and
more collaboratively than anyone in
the industry.

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We speak your customer's language.

Our approach is to deliver a solution that is fit for their purpose and make it as frictionless as possible.


Our Commerce & Marketing solutions provide a platform to support all retail processes

SAP Commerce

Ensure a personalised, comprehensive e-commerce experience with end-to-end commerce processes. SAP Commerce is designed to help you deliver consistent, relevant and exceptional shopping experiences across every channel with minimised risk, faster-time to market and better ROI.

B2B Advance

Enterprise Wide has developed the B2B Advance solution which leverages the SAP Commerce Platform to provide your business with a pre-configured rapid deployment e-commerce solution. B2B Advance is specifically designed to reduce risks and cost and deliver unique commerce experiences that differentiate you from the rest.

SAP Marketing

Orchestrate personalised customer engagements across your organisation with permissions and consent to drive revenue and growth. SAP Marketing will help you gain insight from a single view of your customers and deliver personalised experiences across the entire customer journey.

Customer Activity Repository

Create more effective promotions and product assortments and use customer insights to personalise marketing. SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) will consolidate customer, sales and inventory data in real-time for comprehensive and more accurate analysis. 


SAP Commerce and Marketing enables organisations to deliver best in class solutions in a single platform

Support all go-to-market models

Go to market faster with solutions for retail, direct to consumer (B2C), indirect via distributors or resellers (B2B2C), and selling to organisations (B2B).

Leverage industry-specific capabilities

Accelerate your time-to-value with built-in, industry-specific capabilities with the ability to drive conversions through robust, configurable capabilities and an extension framework with microservices.

Fast ROI with prebuilt integrations

Enable end-to-end commerce processes for more transparent and customer-centric commerce experiences with fast integration of your commerce platform with your core applications.

Personalise customer experiences across your business

Consolidate all relevant, first-party customer data across the enterprise and build enriched customer profiles to gain deeper insights with machine learning and perform targeting, and segmentation accurately at high speeds to identify the best audiences and experiences for individual customers.

Build customer trust to develop ongoing relationships

Deliver the experiences that customers expect by recognising them during engagements and practising consent-based marketing practices, whilst identifying and progressively enriching customer profiles and ensuring insuring consent and permissions for each individual customer.

Optimise marketing to drive revenue, demand and growth

Gain visibility and control of the entire marketing process, and make data-driven decisions to increase marketing ROI and understand the performance of all marketing activities in one single view whilst identifying and targeting customers across touch points with timely and personalised engagements.


How Enterprise Wide can help with your Commerce and Marketing Journey

Strategy, Scoping and Architecture


As an award winning strategic SAP partner, we leverage our product and team expertise to develop the best possible strategy to minimise risks, align with your long term goals and make the implementation project predictable for a successful outcome. This starts with getting the foundation right in order to deliver successful outcomes.

Rapid Deployment


Through delivering many implementations across many segments and industries we have developed accelerators to help you understand the potential benefits of the solution, specific to your business requirements and reduce the time and risk when implementing a commerce and marketing solution.



We are a collaborative, agile & pragmatic partner, with ​a proven track record to help your business leverage the SAP Commerce and Marketing solutions specific to your industry and requirements, by providing end-to-end implementation services, within time and budget across geographies.



As a long-term, value adding, and trusted partner, we understand that as ​important as implementing and launching your solution is providing post-deployment services that covers everything from day-to-day operations to more advanced enhancement services to efficiently and cost-effectively support your solution.

Delivering the Right Outcomes

Most Number of SAP Retail Projects


We have been involved in the most number of SAP Retail projects across Australia and New Zealand, which includes Large Enterprises, Small medium Enterprise, existing SAP and net-new customers covering Retail, Omni-Commerce, Wholesale and Manufacturing. 

Tried and Tested Methodology


Proven collaborative and agile approach through our pre-configured solutions combined with accelerated
deployment frameworks, specifically designed to advance your
customers buying experience with reduced risks and cost.

Experienced Team


 We have high calibre, experienced and pragmatic consultants and a deep knowledge of industry best practices with a long track record of providing companies with technology-driven innovation, combining the best of SAP with other leading products.

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