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We help brands and businesses advance their interaction with their customers across every phase of the commerce journey

What is key for your customer experience to be successful?

Every Touchpoint. Every Channel. Global. Flexible.


How do you deliver a service that embraces your customer's entire buying experience?


Whether the experience happens online, in-store, on the phone – or in fact anywhere, customers who receive a consistent and exceptional experience are likely to remember it and your improved ability to serve becomes a key point of difference.

Technology research organisations such as Gartner and Forrester Research both highlight the importance of opening new channels of revenue while concurrently improving customer satisfaction, all while reducing the cost of sale.


Ask Enterprise Wide today how we can support you in enabling a unified commerce solution.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Enterprise Wide understands the critical elements demanded by today’s customers and consumers. We value our relationships with organisations across both retail and wholesale, to help them build and implement a unique customer experience.

Our differentiator is supporting and guiding organisations across both their front and back-end processes bringing years of expertise to help you advance your customer’s buying experience.


Enterprise Wide provides the world’s leading commerce, marketing, and customer engagement solutions, powered by SAP.


We can help you drive the right outcome for your business by leveraging tools and techniques to better reach, sell to and take care of your customers while boosting your operating efficiency and online revenue. 

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We leverage the world’s leading solutions, to provide proven results  that deliver rapid time to value.

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We strive to work smarter, faster, and
more collaboratively than anyone in
the industry.

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We speak your customer's language.

Our approach is to deliver a solution that is fit for their purpose and make it as frictionless as possible.

Want to get there quicker? 

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Enterprise Wide has a proven track record of delivery, which includes rapid deployment and pre-configured methodologies that have been improved over many projects and many years to reflect the best practices in the industry. 


To reduce your risks and costs, Enterprise Wide has developed a rapid deployment solution (RDS) that leverages the SAP Commerce Platform. Our b2b advance offering provides a pre-configured e-commerce solution specifically designed to give you a genuine advantage, with a proven, predictable, low risk approach, whilst creating a superior buying experience.


You and your customers will benefit from an omni-channel shopping experience that is as advanced as the worlds best consumer sites. 

Hybris Commerce B2C
Hybris Marketing


Enterprise Wide in partnership with SAP, provides the leading commerce cloud platform in the market, that connects an organisation to their customers.


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Single Platform

Includes all components needed for personalised customer experiences

Built-in Flexibility

Robust capabilities to extend, test and deliver innovations to drive sales

Industry Specific

Built-in industry specific capabilities further extended by Enterprise Wide's B2B Advance

B2C,B2B, or B2B2C

Designed to support many different go-to-market models from the same platform

Pre-built Integrations

Includes many pre-built integration components across ERP, CRM and Marketing

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Are you striving to understand the real-time intent of each of your customers?


Many organisations are struggling to deliver consistent and individualised customer experiences across the customer journey. Traditional marketing campaigns fall short at engaging the individual customer. They lack the basic knowledge of customer’s wants and needs. We often see organisations still blasting indiscriminate messages to mass audiences.


With SAP Marketing Cloud, Enterprise Wide can help you understand the real-time intent for each of your customers. We have worked with many organisations to support their marketing strategy and technology platform, to deliver contextually relevant experiences and to engage your customers to meet their expectations of customer experience.

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Capture, enrich, and gain deeper insights through machine learning analytics

L1_SAP_Hybris_Marketing_1805 2.jpg


Deliver individualized customer experiences based on real-time context and intent

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React quickly to opportunities. Fast and integrated cloud solution

Ask Enterprise Wide today - how we can support you in developing a world-class marketing strategy.

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