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Business Intelligence & Analytics


With increasing volume and variety of data and business systems, organisations struggle to leverage all their data to best understand their business. With Expertise in analytics and industry, Enterprise Wide is able to form a close partnership with your business, delivering impactful analytics. Our team will ensure that all relevant data is drawn into a sustainable, intuitive service. Our training and close consultation with staff ensures that the solution remains flexible as your business strategy and data sources evolve.


Enterprise Wide will help you leverage all of your valuable data – allowing your staff to drive improvements, spot opportunities and identify threats through intuitive insights.

SAP Business Intelligence

Increasing your organisation's collective IQ with Business Intelligence and Analytic solutions

SAP Analytics Cloud

Delivering real-time financial planning and analytical capabilities

SAP Predictive Analytics

Identifying risks and opportunities for the future with

predictive intelligence

SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence

Discovering and sharing actionable insights


Next generation real-time data warehousing

SAP Business Intelligence and Analytic Solutions help organisations make sense of their data and uncover meaningful trends for real business value


Gain Immediate Business Insight

Empower business users with clean, intuitive and attractive design for data visualization

Make well-informed business decisions based on a single, trusted source of unified data

Discuss and share insights in context with built-in social collaboration tools

Ease communication amidst employees in the organization with embedded collaboration and sharing tools

Create predictive models – and integrate them into business intelligence and planning workflows

Business Intelligence and Analytic Services

How Enterprise Wide can help with your Business Intelligence and Analytics Journey

Enterprise Architecture and Roadmap


As the retail strategic partner, we leverage our product expertise to retailers develop the best possible strategy to minimise risks, align with your long term goals and make the implementation project predictable for a successful outcome. This starts with getting the foundation right in order to deliver successful outcomes.

Rapid Deployment


Through delivering many SAP Retail implementations across many segments we have developed accelerators  to help you understand the potential benefits of the solution, specific to your growing business requirements and reduce the time and risk when implementing a SAP Retail solution.



We can help your business leverage the SAP Retail and Merchandising solutions across your business units with end-to-end implementation services, designed to help you from project preparation to go-live and support and within time and budget across geographies.



Augment your SAP Retail environment with our  post-deployment services that covers everything from day-to-day operations to more advanced applications management services to efficiently and cost-effectively support your retail solution.

Trusted Advisor to Transition to the Digital Retail Age 

Most Number of SAP Retail Projects


We have been involved in the most number of SAP Retail projects across Australia and New Zealand, which includes Large Enterprises, Small medium Enterprise, existing SAP and net-new customers covering Retail, Omni-Commerce, Wholesale and Manufacturing. 

Tried and Tested Methodology


Proven approach through our accelerators which enables retailers to utilise a solution to drive blueprint discussions, support design and minimise risks to provide a strong base for the agile development phase.

Experienced Retail Team


 We have experienced consultants and a deep knowledge of industry best practices within top retail companies. Our long track record of providing clients with technology-driven innovation, combining the best of SAP with other leading products for supply chain optimisation and business intelligence.

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