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BEST Solutions

SAP for retail

Boosting Reconciliations in your SAP ERP and Digital Core

Innovative Software


Financial reconciliations are a time consuming and manual process. Enterprise Wide has partnered with BEST to enable customers to streamline their financial processes and simplify reconciliations across trade creditors, debtors and GL using SAP certfified add-ons - freeing up and shifting your financial team's focus to more value adding activities.

Embedded in your existing ERP

BEST add-ons reside within the core SAP ERP - so reconciliations are carried out on real time SAP information - no downloading data, no 3rd party integration. Simply add the modules to your current SAP suite, allocate the new transactions to your teams and start reaping the benefits of your new reconciliation tools and reports - all with a familiar look and feel to your existing SAP transactions. 

BEST - Certified for SAP

BEST reconciliation products have been built for SAP and certified across SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA platforms - meaning you can rely on their trusted and proven performance and leverage your existing investment in SAP. BEST has a proven track record of implementations across multiple industries and countries.

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Put your company at the cutting edge of efficiency and innovation by automating supplier statement reconciliations

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Vendor Statement Reconciliation and Reader

The BEST Vendor Statement Reconciliation and Statement Reader modules are used to perform accounts payable statement reconciliation directly in SAP. Use the tools to load supplier statements into SAP and automatically match statement line items to your existing SAP invoices and documents - streamlining and standardising an otherwise manual, off system and arduous process.

  • Load vendor statements of all formats (paper, Excel, PDF, electronic) 

  • Reconcile vendor accounts with ease

  • Maximise trade discount collection

  • Calculate suggested vendor accruals and provisions

  • Reduce financial and fraud risk across the Procure-to-Pay process

  • Reduce staff, paper and filing overheads

  • Boost cash flow

  • Report on uncreconciled items, matching rates

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Reduce time spent on your month end close with automated GL reconciliation

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General Ledger Reconciliation

The BEST General Ledger Reconciliation module automates your GL reconciliations and approvals directly within SAP.  The tools enable you to complete, review and approve reconciliations all within SAP - without the need for inefficient manual processes, spreadsheets or external systems.

  • Assign risk categories, approval strategies and tolerances

  • Identify transactional and account balance anomalies

  • Review reconciliations, raise queries and approve - all within SAP

  • Standardise processes across clearly defined approval lines

  • Ensure compliance for Month End proceses with full audit trail and change history

  • Provide assurance to internal and external auditing parties

  • No interfaces or connectors required to 3rd party systems

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Eliminate tedious and time-consuming open item clearing

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General Ledger Clearing

The BEST General Ledger Clearing module provides you with tools to automatically match and clear large volumes of open items in SAP across multiple account types and companies based on any user-defined account criteria. It provides automation and programmatic tools to clear open item accounts without the need to post additional entries or make mass changes to references. 

  • Clearing criteria is flexible and user-defined

  • Process advanced clearing algorithms across multiple fields

  • User friendly and configurable output display

  • Ability to upload items for clearing from Excel

  • Process clearing batches immediately or batched

  • Enable your team to spend their time on investigating unreconciled items instead of tedious and time consuming clearing of open items



Automate manual and time-consuming reconciliations to transform your creditor and finance functions

             Significant Time and Cost                     Savings

BEST has a proven track record of reducing overheads, printing, scanning and storage costs. Reconciliation times are reduced allowing your team to shift focus to more value adding activities.

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            Enforce Management Policies                and Audit Controls

BEST runs in SAP so it complies with SAP rules and governance practices​. BEST ensures accounts are reconciled, cleared and approved with system enforced consistency and authorisations. Reconciliations are stored in SAP for audit purposes.

Audit Control.png

            Extensive Clearing and                     Matching Rates

Through smart matching algorithms BEST ensures high matching and clearing rates - so teams can focus on query resolution and supplier management.



           Integrated with Standard SAP

BEST is a SAP certified add-on built within the SAP prescribed framework. Users access the transactions via standard SAP authorisation mechanisms. The transactions run on real time infromation within SAP, and will have a familiar look and feel for your existing SAP user base.



            Fully Compliant

As BEST runs within SAP it works in real time and provides an up to the minute accurate picture of your company's financial reconciliations - ensuring your compliance with internal and external audit and management reporting requirements.



            Totally Green

As statements, reconciliations, notes and attachments are stored directly in SAP, not only do you save on paper, printing, scanning and storage costs, you also help the environment.



How Enterprise Wide can help with your Reconciliation Journey

          BEST Solution Design                        


As the exclusive BEST partner, we leverage our product and business expertise to help organisations to plan and optimise their implementation of the solution. Through our in-depth expertise in SAP financials we help modernize the finance and accounting function to empower greater productivity and assist in detecting accounting errors.

          Rapid Deployment


Through delivering BEST implementations across many segments we have developed accelerators to help you understand the potential benefits of the solution, specific to your growing business requirements and reduce the time and the risk when implementing the BEST reconciliation solution.  

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We can help your business leverage the BEST Reconciliation solution within your organisation stores with end-to-end implementation services. We pride ourselves on applying a strong project management methodology to implement our SAP add-on modules and providing on-going support to our clients.



Augment your BEST Implementation  with our  post-deployment services that covers everything from day-to-day operations to more advanced applications management services to efficiently and cost-effectively support your reconciliation solution.

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