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SAP for retail

Enterprise Wide’s solution for the Retail Industry

The retail environment is evolving at a breathtaking pace. It is not just about providing the lowest price or even the best selection. Today, it is about connecting with customers. Consumers are more educated and empowered and are demanding a more intermit experience with their favorite brands and retailers.

Technology, such as smart devices, means trading hours have been extended to 24/7 and today’s consumers are now choosing to shop where and when it is most convenient. This shift in consumer behaviour means retailers, more than ever, need to provide customers with a complete shopping experience in order to encourage brand loyalty and be successful in a dynamic marketplace.

With the right retail platform, businesses can turn raw data into actionable intelligence. Information about customer preferences, shopping behaviors, market trends and operations can be leveraged to optimize everything from the product mix, to the timing of promotions, to the forecasting of future demand.

Minimize down-time and take advantage of retail best practices by deploying Enterprise Wide’s SAP Retail solution. The SAP Retail solution is a pre-configured suite of implementation tools and practices designed to help companies increase insight, improve productivity and allows flexibility.

SAP Retail Business Benefits

Enterprise Wide’s SAP Retail solution provides you with a single, integrated platform that solves the problems posed by disparate, technology legacy systems and varied technology investments.

To remain competitive, retailers must improve operating efficiencies to support accurate and informed decision making based on up-to date information and quickly put action plans in motion.

With the Enterprise Wide SAP Retail solution, you can better manage your merchandise assortments, realise efficiencies in purchasing and merchandise distribution, and provide enhanced customer service in your stores.

The scope of the offering includes Planning, Merchandise Management, Purchase Order Management, Merchandise Distribution, Warehouse Management, Store Execution and Financial Processing and Performance Management. Built on the SAP platform to facilitate future growth, the solution provides streamlined functionality that improves visibility, increases productivity, and helps you regain control of your business processes.

Why Enterprise Wide Retail?

With Enterprise Wide's SAP Retail solution, you will benefit from our extensive, industry-specific experience developing and implementing SAP solutions for retail companies worldwide.

 Enterprise Wide offer a unique, innovative and creative approach that allows retail and wholesale businesses to recognise areas for improvement that they may not have previously considered.


Enterprise Wide encourage our customers to think strategically and capitalise on areas for growth. We partner to deliver a solution that not only drives immediate business benefits but also facilitates on-going future expansion.

We have experienced consultants and a deep knowledge of industry best practices within top retail companies. In addition, we have a long track record of providing clients with technology-driven innovation, combining the best of SAP with other leading products for supply chain optimization and business intelligence.

We are dedicated to supporting and implementing SAP solutions that enable you to control and predict costs, while optimizing your investment. As an SAP Services Partner, Enterprise Wide is your trusted guide to achieve your business objectives.

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