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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Delivering real-time Analytics Capabilities

Leading SAP Retail Partner


Enterprise Wide is the leading SAP Retail partner in the Australia/New Zealand region having implemented the largest number of SAP Retail projects.  From Small to Large organisations, Enterprise Wide has successfully delivered SAP Analytics solutions to enable the right business outcomes for our customers.

Comprehensive Coverage


As part of a comprehensive BI & Analytics strategy, our solutions help to take advantage of enterprise mobility, in-memory computing, advanced analytics and cloud solutions.  We invest in our people, making sure our team is highly knowledgeable and always up to date with the latest technologies and best practices.

Experienced Analytics Team


Enterprise Wide leverages one of the most experienced SAP BI & Analytics teams to help organizations make sense of their data and uncover meaningful trends for real business value. Our team works closely with organizations to shorten the learning curve and enables them to quickly perform complex BI & Analytics scenarios and speed up their ROI.

SAP Business Intelligence

Increasing your organisation's collective IQ with Business Intelligence and Analytic solutions

With increasing volume and variety of data and business systems, organisations struggle to leverage all their data to best understand their business. With Expertise in analytics and industry, Enterprise Wide is able to form a close partnership with your business, delivering impactful analytics. Enterprise Wide will help you leverage all of your valuable data – allowing your staff to drive improvements, spot opportunities and identify threats through intuitive insights.


SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud delivers all the analytics capabilities you need – business intelligence (BI), planning, and predictive analytics – in a single solution. Harness the latest technologies and give everyone in your organisation the ability to discover actionable insights in real time


SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence

Share insights and make better decisions with the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) suite. By providing a flexible architecture, our analytics platform can support your growth – from a few users to tens of thousands of users, and from a single tool to multiple tools and interfaces.


SAP Predictive Analytics

Create, deploy, and maintain thousands of predictive models with SAP Predictive Analytics software. This on-premise product can help you anticipate future behaviour and outcomes – and guide better, more profitable decision-making across your digital business.



Based on SAP HANA in-memory technology, this next-generation data warehouse is a single, trusted source for your business analytics tools. Use it to rapidly process large volumes of all types of data – SAP and third-party, unstructured, geospatial, sensor, Hadoop, and more.


SAP Business Intelligence and Analytic Solutions help organisations make sense of their data and uncover meaningful trends for real business value

          Support the changing needs of

          your business

Leverage the latest business intelligence technologies and a broad array of data sources using a flexible and scalable platform to ensure decision makings have real-time BI access.


           Innovate with one trusted

           source for insight

Maximise business adoption with advanced analytics, tailor applications to fit your needs, and reimagine your business with integrated machine learning.

One Source.png

            Simplify the provisioning of

            business insights

Transform data practices to gain the efficiency and agility to deploy live insights at scale, both on premise or in the cloud.


         Fast and Confident


Act decisively with rich, contextual-information. Machine-Learning, and an industry leading enterprise data foundation, delivers the right insight, at the right place, at the right time.

Rapid Deployment.png

            Support the changing needs of

            your business

Leverage the latest business intelligence technologies and a broad array of data sources using a flexible and scalable platform to ensure decision makings have real-time BI access


           Optimise performance across

           hybrid landscapes 

Leave the data where it is while bringing cloud analytics to on-premise data to achieve better business agility using a live data connection in a hybrid analytic strategy.

Leverage Investment.png


How Enterprise Wide can help with your Business Intelligence and Analytics Journey

           Enterprise Architecture and Roadmap


As the retail strategic partner, we leverage our product expertise to develop the best possible strategy to minimise risks, align with your long term goals and make the implementation project predictable for a successful outcome. This starts with getting the foundation right in order to deliver successful outcomes.

        Rapid Deployment


Through delivering many SAP Business Intelligence implementations we have developed accelerators to help you understand the potential benefits of the solution, specific to your growing business requirements and reduce the time and risk.

Rapid Deployment.png



We can help your business leverage the SAP Business Intelligence solutions across your business with end-to-end implementation services, designed to help you from project preparation to go-live and support and within time and budget across geographies.




Augment your SAP Business Intelligence environment with our post-deployment services that covers everything from day-to-day operations to more advanced applications management services to efficiently and cost-effectively support your solutions.

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